As a primary care physician and officer in the U. S. Public Health Service I educate communities on public health issues and my patients on individual health.
I personally have always done the exercise aspect of health but the nutrition portion was always lacking. My weight has fluctuated over my adult life with different “diets” here and there and the exercising staying the same.
Now with May, I have a plan of eating that is a “lifestyle” and not a “diet”. One of the most important aspects of May’s plan, for me, is education on which foods I “should” eat and not just what to avoid (also important!).
My goals of weight loss and maintenance were achieved with May. Overall, it was 85% nutrition and 15% exercise!
I believe I am in the best shape I have been in since high school (over 25 yrs ago).
Thanks so much May!!
— Jamal
I finally got to the point where I was serious about losing weight and getting healthy. I had tried Medifast, Atkins and the South Beach Diet and had lost some weight in the past but always gained it all back. I really thought I was eating healthy and couldn’t understand why I could not lose the weight. Through May’s Nutrition Program, I learned how to truly eat healthy and enjoy the “new” food I was eating. May taught me what to avoid and why, what was beneficial to eat and how to maintain my weight loss. Most importantly for me, I learned what healthy foods to order when dining out. I learned that working out in conjunction with the nutrition program is just as important. I enjoy May’s workouts as no two are alike. May is positive, encouraging and really helped me get the results I never thought were possible! And did I mention the INCHES that I lost!!! Wow I am SO HAPPY with the improved me and that feeling has touched all aspects of my life – my family, kids, work, friends. I feel so much more motivated in life now that I am healthy! Thank you, May!!!
— Liz
I’ve had an on again/off again relationship with fitness through the years. I would join a gym, do the same workouts, over-train, and ultimately sustain some type of injury that would provide the necessary impetus to stop working out entirely. I was in the midst of an extended “off again” period when I was referred to May in January 2016. Since then, May has been instrumental in reinforcing the importance of variety in my workouts, as well as consistency with the respect to the frequency of those workouts. In that period of time, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my overall fitness with very measurable 1) increases in muscle tone/definition and 2) body fat reduction. And, most importantly for me, May’s workouts have placed great emphasis of minimizing any risk of injury. If you’re at a point where you’re questioning how to evolve a better way of getting fit, May has an answer. I encourage you to give her an opportunity to help.
— Jonathan L. (57 Years Old)
I’ve been working out with May consistently now for 5 months and at 45, I am in the best shape of my life. Thanks to May’s workouts and nutrition plan I have lost unwanted pounds around my waist and gained muscle and definition in my arms, back and legs. Every week I watch my body changing for the better.
I have been working out for many years,but it wasn’t until I started working out with May that I started seeing results. I’m eating better and feeling incredible.
My husband now works out with May as well.
I highly recommend giving her workouts and nutrition plan a try. You won’t be disappointed.
— Chris (RN)
I can’t say enough amazing things about May! I decided to see her because I wanted to get more lean and not actually lose weight. The first meeting I had with May was a major eye opener. I always thought I ate pretty well. But after she looked at my diet she made me quickly realize that I wasn’t eating enough based on how hard I work out and to my dismay I was eating too many carbs and too much sugar! After one week of listening to May and making major changes, I dropped 1% in body fat. By my 4th week I lost a bit over 3% in body fat! I have never felt so good. I have more energy then I ever have and I love how flat my stomach is. The best part about my new eating is that I get to eat! I feel very satisfied all day long! I can’t thank you enough May! I am ready for bikini season!
— Tracy
I am a mother of two young children and work over 50 hours a week and could not find the time for any kind of diet and exercise program. Prior to working with May, I had developed high blood pressure and was taking medication for the last six years. I have been working with May for a little over 4 months and during this time, I have been able to lose 20 lbs and have dropped almost 10% of my body fat. Her nutrition plan works and more importantly, she is giving me the tools that I need in order to lead a healthy, well balanced life. With May’s training and nutrition guidance, I am now completely off the high blood pressure medication and understand what it takes to stay healthy. May is very supportive and works within my own life style and schedule to make the changes I need. Thank you May for everything!
— Michelle O.
During my annual physical, my doctor mentioned that I had gained over 10lbs since I began seeing him. He also had put me on high blood pressure medication. I knew I needed to change my eating and exercise habits. My wife and friends were working out with May, following her nutrition advice, and were getting unbelievable results. I decided I needed to follow the same program to lose the ten pounds. I started working with May on a nutrition plan and exercise regimen. I lost 15lbs in less than two months, got off my blood pressure medicine, and put on more muscle. I feel great! Thanks, May!
— Tim S
I have been trying to lose these last 10lbs. For years! I have tried various diets and exercise, but with no real success. Since hiring May, and following her nutrition plan, I was able to get down to a weight I haven’t been in 15 years! May was very accessible and patient through the process. I would recommend May’s workouts and Nutrition Plan to anyone who is ready to transform their body. I was able to get to my goal weight quickly and virtually painlessly.
— Michelle S
May is absolutely wonderful! She brings so many varied and unique exercises into each workout that the time moves quickly and by the end I’ve had an excellent workout and had fun doing it! May is always encouraging and cares so much about helping her clients succeed. Her approach to nutrition is different than anything I had known about before. I had considered myself a healthy eater overall, but was still carrying extra pounds. May completely reset what I considered healthy eating to be and with her guidelines, tips and support, lost the extra weight in a completely natural and healthy way. May’s guidelines make the body work efficiently—she taught me that a calorie is definitely not a calorie, along with so many other tips to naturally boost my metabolism and allow my body to work most efficiently. May is an excellent trainer and a great person!
— Happy Client 1