"Each client is different. They have different goals, backgrounds, situations, experiences, and personalities. My programs are unique and designed specifically for each individual. My focus is to help each person reach optimal health in the context of their own life. I've worked with over 200 clients and no two have been the same."

May Q. Hoehn

May is a native Californian, mother of 2 college-age girls, a business owner, and health fanatic!  After receiving her business degree at San Diego State University, she worked in different sales positions, which eventually led her into the healthcare industry. 

From pharmaceuticals, to nutraceuticals, to starting her own organic food business...she has found her passion in the fitness world.

Each transition in her life has been the perfect building block to where she now devotes her time and energy as a health professional.  She loves helping people reach their goals and experience a healthy lifestyle through customized nutrition and exercise training programs.


Fitness Programs:

My private and semi-private sessions (2-5 people) are tailored to each client. I assess where they currently are, then we discuss goals, and together we work on a program to get them there! My semi-private sessions are very popular. Clients can get a small group of friends together for a work out, and it makes it fun and competitive to train together, while also holding each other accountable. I offer a variety of different workouts: circuit, interval, strength, pilates, boxing, cardio and weightlifting. I train all age groups, from teenagers to baby-boomers!

Nutrition Counseling Programs:

Nutrition is also customized to each client. With so many different schedules, commitments, limitations, and lifestyles, everyone goes through their own process. My aim is to put together a realistic program that takes into consideration each client's individual starting point, goals, and the time frame they wish to achieve them in. I always recommend to come in for a free initial Nutrition Consultation. I believe learning proper nutrition is imperative in order to maximize a person's health potential.